Helping People?


Yes, your Probate Court is here to help. The history of our Probate Courts go back centuries to before the dark ages. We did then, and do now, help you marry, help injured minors and minors inheriting property, facilitate the care of incapacitated adults, ease the loss of a loved one, aid the administration of estates, facilitate evaluations of mentally challenged adults – so much is done.  Georgia Probate Courts simply help people. Peruse this site, in which I attempt to explain how your Probate Court might help you or yours.


I have posted a couple of quick “wills” pages under the expanded menu above; however, I am concerned that this format is not getting enough condensed information to folks right up front and continuously thereafter.  I don’t want them to have to work for it.  I have been looking at a magazine or news format and the presentations in such formats are much more dense.  I am going to consider that a bit more.  Also, time constraints are dictating that I will probably do audio first, then convert those presentations to more expanded video.

Several New Brochures, Additional Site Work

The past few months have resulted in several printings of brochures, both new and existing.  I am not ready to post the text online for several reasons.  Two more should be published this week – depending upon the court schedule.

The web site has not yet been published, but the drafts have undergone modifications and content creation.  I use the word “drafts” because a second parallel site with simple construction has been started to speed up the process using a second server.  Perhaps this will enable the site to be brought “live” before all of the fancy bells and whistles are developed.

In October, one month ago, I resigned my position as Legislative Committee Chair of the Council of Probate Court Judges of Georgia because of time constraints.  This should allow me to pay attention to these projects.

Printing is Starting

Finally, production of the brochures is starting.  I believe the format – actually two formats – will be both informative and attractive.  The first two in final form are

  1. Your Attorney
  2. Why These Brochures

Several others are in the last stages to be published within days.  Again, finally….


Change in Emphasis – Probate Courts Helping People

As I continued working on the “information resource” emphasis of the web site, I remained uncomfortable with just the conveyance of information.  Laudable as such a goal is, and as public spirited as it may be, the essence of the Probate Court or Probate Process is not captured in that approach alone.

I have changed the emphasis.

Up top and out front on the web site construction are now the historic functions of the Probate Court and its predecessors – helping people.

More delay, but it is worth it.

Progress Has Been Even Slower Recently! But….

We have made some great unreported progress with regard to the brochures, and there will be some printing shortly.  The publication of this project on paper and on the web has been slowed even further by Council of Probate Court Judges of Georgia work – not to mention those recent 23 days in the Mediterranean which ended September 10.  I am encouraged by today’s review of the possibilities, and expect there to be some quality progress in the weeks ahead.

Brochures Coming Together

The publication of the brochures to be distributed at the Probate Court Office has been slowed because of continued efforts on the designs.  The “stock” templates which were available just did not seem to be appropriate, even when modified, because the areas in which information could be displayed were too small. The artwork and glitz consumed too much of the printed pages.  Finally, I have settled on a tri-fold which I designed myself, and the production can begin in earnest.

This is important for purposes of this blog and the developing web site because the brochure publications will lead to the content within this blog and on the web site in development.